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I love how much we all love everything about Harry Potter.

Like this is a gif of Harry untying his shoe, and we’re all like FUCK YEAH HARRY UNTYING HIS SHOE CHECK OUT HIS SHOE-TAKING-OFF SKILLZ YOU GO BOY!

it has literally gotten to the point that this fandom needs new material so bad that we are all reblogging a picture of harry untying his shoe

he’s not even using magic or anything

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if i see one more person sampling blood colors from the comics to combat Hussie’s word of god on the subject of how many blood colors there are, i’m going to scream

these are all blood colors used for gamzee directly eyedroppered from the comic. the first is from when caliborn shot him, then when he scratched himself, then from the symbol on his sprite.

Maybe their blood darkens with age.

that’s actually the dumbest thing i have ever heard

You do realize that you’re subscribed to a comic series where alien lizard angels morph into angry serpent sex gods, dual juggalo presidents raise the anti-christ Guy Fieri to power, a child diety with wind control drives his dads car through a semi sentient planet weave with a black carapace crab person riding shotgun, a man chops a fucking meteor in half with a katana and some moon arch’agent violently over-throws the hierarchical paradigm using tyrannical violence and his god-like-dog-powers because he had to wear a funny hat?

But yea, no you’re right. An alien species, which we know next to nothing about, biologically changing as they get older is stupid.

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